Takloo the little salt seller

Published picture book

On 8 September 2014 on the occasion of International Literacy Day in accordance with the UNESCO theme for the year 'Literacy and Sustainability', Pratham Books chose this book for worldwide readings. Read at more than 1500 sessions conducted by over 1300 volunteer readers around the world this book was read to thousands of children. Apart from India it was read in Nepal, Pakistan, USA, Mozambique, Singapore, UAE, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Zambia.

To illustrate this book I used various mediums like watercolour, gouache, graphite and paper cuttings. The story revolves around a family living in a small village of Konkan. It was written by my friend and clinical psychologist Radhika Bapat. The book was published by Pratham books, India. It has been translated in eleven indian regional languages as well as in English, Hindi and Urdu.