Little red whiskers, where are you?

Souvenir picture book with poem

This book was created as a part of the 'Songbirds' marketing campaign for the corporate client SKYi. Titled 'Little red whiskers, where are you?', it is an illustrated poem book which I have both written and illustrated. It is about a girl who is searching for the red whiskered bulbul, a bird commonly found around maharashtra as well as all over India. In the course of finding the bulbul the girl comes across a number of birds who help her in completing a song, as she is told that the secret of the song is the secret to finding the red whiskered bulbul. The book has been created to fuel the reader's curiosity in the information about the many birds found in the region along with some of their quirky habits. 

The illustrations for the book have been painted on 300 gsm, hot pressed watercolour paper with watercolours and photo-inks. The intense colour is due to the generous use of colour pigments which I mixed together with a water soluble medium to make my own shades of watercolour.