An account of strange happenings at the sea

Completed writing and illustration projeact

Once upon a time there was a little girl who spent all her summers playing at the sea. Sometimes she would go fishing and sometimes she would go swimming. But the summer when she turned five turned out to be very different from the ones before and the ones to follow. On the very first day of this summer a strange thing happened. She wore her swimming costume and tied her hair in a knot. Suddenly as she was swimming she felt something heavy on her head. She swam to the shore and found that the knot had turned into many knots and in those many knots were many fish trying to jump back into the water. It was a real mess!  She went home and spent all night combing her hair and putting the fish back into the water.

Upset the next day she tried not to think of the sea but she could not resist herself. She thought that maybe instead of swimming she could try fishing! So she took​ her fishing rod and went to the part where the sea was the deepest. Although it was very crowded everybody was sitting quietly. After a while she began to doze off. Just as she was going to close her eyes to nap she saw a very bright and colorful bird flying by. As she started staring at this beautiful creature, the

An account of strange happenings at the sea

people around started to shout. She believed that it was the site of this beautiful bird that made them scream but they were all looking at the sea. The biggest known fish in the world came and ate her bait along with her fishing line. There were many legends about this fish and some even believed it was imaginary until it appeared. This was the only time it appeared and everyone saw the large sea creature come and go, except for her. 

The next day she just decided to avoid the water as strange things kept happening to her there. Instead she decided to make sand castles sitting on the beach. When the sea came to know that the little girl was upset with it for all the mischief it had done her, the sea felt sorry and it decided to make it up to her by inviting her over. So as she was making the sand castle her part of sand separated from the coast and began to float in the sea. By the time she finished making the castle and looked up she was far inside, in the middle of the ocean. That is when she understood why strange things kept happening to her while she was at the sea. She knew what it meant so she decided to stay there and never went back.


For this project I used waterproof ink on A4 sized drawing paper.