Illustrating for the Contextual Alternate 

Ongoing illustration project for publisher

As an illustrator assigned to the project my work at Contextual Alternate is to create illustrations and textures for both the web and the print platform as per the requirements of the publisher. Contextual Alternate is an independent initiative to archive, generate and publish critical scholarship at the crossroads of typography, design, and history.

They are an independent publisher based in the UK publishing journals and books available both in print and for online download. Their aim is to generate critical conversations on visual and material cultures across geographical, professional and disciplinary boundaries. They promise to offer books made with care and precision not as fine-printed commodities but as honest and useful instruments in the dissemination of knowledges. To know more about Contextual Alternate you can visit their website. 

The mediums I use for this project vary as per the requirement of the publisher. The illustrations on this page have been painted with acrylics on hot-pressed watercolour paper and the digital ones have been created using Adobe Fresco